I need support


So anything I do is wrong in mt parents perspective. Just now I finished my homework and my parents told me to practice piano. So i went up my room, and played a few minytes of yoyo because i was too stressed. But then my parents scolled me. They said from now on I cannot play anything until I finish everything. But right after i finished everything, my parents forces me to go to sleep. I really dont like my family >:(


You asked for support and that is what I’ll attempt to give although you won’t like it. Listen to your parents. They are pressing you to become the best person you can possibly be when you become an adult. I realize you feel their requirements for study and practice are cutting into your throwing your yo-yo time. They probably do. I love playing with my yo-yos too. The fact of the matter is however the most important things in your life right now is your education and becoming more proficient as a musician.

Please don’t say “I really don’t like my family.” Whether you realize it or not, whether you wish to believe it or not, your parents understand better than you what is most important today to give you the greatest potential for a prosperous tomorrow. Your times for fun will come along as well. Listen to your parents. They understand much more about life than you do right now.

And don’t feel like your all alone in this struggle. There are young people all over the world who feel just the same as you do.


Banjo is right. It sounds like you finished your homework, so you thought you should be able to have fun and play yo-yo, but it seems your parents consider your piano practice part of your schooling too, so they did not consider your necessary work to be done until the piano practice was also complete. They told you to practice piano. When they told you to practice piano, instead, you began yo-yoing and disobeyed them. As a punishment, for disobeying them, no more yo-yo when the work was done…bedtime for you.

I think if you had done all your homework and all lessons complete, you would have had some fun time. But, you have to do specifically what they tell you, and if you do not, as parents they have to show you discipline. You will understand better when you are older. But, when you get older, chances are you will hardly ever be on your own time still because you will have to earn a living somehow, and maybe get married and have family duties and own a house where you have to do not so fun things like mowing the lawn. Being an adult like me, things get even worse. I miss being your age sometimes. I worked 7:30AM to midnight two days in a row. Just try to consider your school work and lessons as a preview for the hard work life has to offer as you get older. Your parents want you to get used to doing things you don’t want to do, because there are often rewards for that hard work to be realized later.

Sometimes you won’t like your family, but they try to do what is best, even if they are not perfect. It’s not easy at your age, but someday it will all make sense. I love musicians, and I hope someday you might be a star piano player…it’s a great instrument. Good luck. ;).


I had a buddy of mine that was in a similar situation, and it defiantly was not an easy thing for him.

What I would suggest (Though it may not work) is just to try to explain to them that you need some free time to be creative and be yourself. The piano is great and everything but if you’re not given time to pursue your own interests it doesn’t seem quite fair.

Try not to come across as mad because my guess is they just want you to be successful.

Just my thoughts on the subject, you know your family better then I do.

Good luck.


You get B?? NO YOYO!!

Sorry haha.

Just listen to them. You’ll thank them later in life.

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And remember to be calm and civil when you discuss this with them. Being angry will not help. Behave in a way they will want to reward.


Keep in mind that as you grow older, your parents will be the least demanding on you as far as what you’re required to do compared to the requirements just to get by. Life is hard and your parents are trying to prepare you to deal with the school of hard knocks. I felt the same way at one point. No sympathy here. :wink:


I feel the same way. My parents achieved very high academic goals and I feel a lot of pressure from my dad to do the same… Like a lot of pressure… Like I get in trouble for Bs… And for any bad grades on tests…It is also really hard to live up to them, both Ivy League grads… But I think at the end of the day, everything they do, all the pressure, they are just doing it for my well being.


it seems to me that if you have enough time to actually read this post, you could be spending it yo-yoing.


Nothing like a bit of logic to take the air out of an otherwise advantageous thread.