I need sponsorees!


Yes, I’m sponsoring TWO people for my string. I make a ton of blends like 2 types of 50-50, cotton, and nylon string. However, I don’t make poly nylon string because I don’t want to copy Perfect Fit or Element Strings. So, I want whoever wants to be sponsored by my string to make a short video of them yoyoing (like 2 tricks) and to tell me why I should sponsor you. 1 Reason, that’s all.


When I get back from the beach I am ordering glow in the dark poly thread so my sponsorees will get a piece or two along with a nice little bundle of my other blends. So make your videos quick! And make 'em really good cause I’m only picking two people!

(Mark) #2

I would love it but I will let you know later!

(Mitch Ginder) #3

Me, yes? You’ve seen my videos.


might as well

(Raphael) #5

Ill try… ;D


I’ll go for it.


I changed my name from yoyofr3ak to Adam so pm me with all vids.



(SR) #9

Because he wanted to change his name, but he didn’t know how to on his account.


Haha. Exactly.