I need some inspiration...


Lately Ive been having trouble finding elements I can add to my combos. :frowning: Got any videos or suggestions with interesting elements I can find? Anything will help so even if it’s something simple, it’s greatly appreciated! Even intricate tricks and combos will help me pick out certain parts I like! Thanks to all who post!


I apologize for being unable to post the links (I am on mobile). The new video by Shinnosuke Miyamoto and some other Japanese players and the new video by Viktor Kollár and Janos Karancz were inspirational for me. Both videos are in the Yoyonews blog. The Shinnosuke video should be on the first page and the Viktor x Janos video should be a few pages back. Good luck finding inspiration:)
EDIT: The Shinnosuke video is called One Drop x CLYW in Japan.


Thanks fluteninja! Any other videos or suggestions?


Anything that involves Jensen Kimmit


Guy Wright has some cool concepts


Ryan Gee has some really out of the box stuff.


Alexis JV, look that dude up, he has a very unique style. Look at his trick “hipster loops”


This trick is amazing.


I believe you mean hipster whips


Whips are too mainstream…



He also has some of the best tutorials I’ve ever watched.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #12

You wanted elements, here is a playlist of short tutorials, tricks with 2-4 elements that I put together specifically for people to use in thier combos.


u can never go wrong with a slack or suicide if it does not look weird


Augie fash
Ryota Ogi
Paul Kerbel
Gentry Stien
Paul Dang
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Yukki spencer
John ando
every person on the CLYW team
Peter pong
This is just a short list of my inspirations


This is probably my favorite video and one that has some really nice elements.

I also really like this one by Guy Wright:



I get sooo mush inspir from him