I need trick elements to learn from.

Guys, I’ve been trying, but almost every trick I make lacks luster. My latest video with those 4 tricks was almost 2 months total of trick experimentation. I need inspiration and elements to learn from.

So, what I’m asking is for you guys to post some good elements (Possibly vids?) and Some very inspirational vids to learn from.

All help is appreciated :slight_smile:

When i need some inspiration i always turn to the letter Blue by Guy Wright

one of the best videos i have ever seen.    :slight_smile:

What do you mean by elements for? Are you talking about elements to make your own legit signature combo?

I just mess around. Like a wrist mount, I learned to change it to bucket and did a pop off, trapeze, Reverse Yuuki Slack, dismount into a trapeze, Yuuki Slack, GT. Mess around. 1 1/2 mount, wrist mount, are great ways to start off.

Watch a guy wright video or a tyler severance video. (all ways works for me) or try a different style, like slacks, tech, hops. and incorparate that. if that fails there’s allways I punched boxthor in the catch 22.

or you could try putting the loop on a different finger, or in a different place on your finger.

Both the DTI and One Drop Montgomerys are amazing. Steve Brown is awesome as well. I had a man crush on his moustache for about a month.

You’ll probably hate me saying it, but real good inspiration is the result of a lot of hard work and practice.
If you keep practicing, you will break thru the ‘dull zone’, the ‘un inspired zone’, where you feel like every throw you throw you have thrown a thousand times(whoa hope that makes sense lol), and you will have a ‘breakthrough’.
Someone in a thread somewhere(IIRC a comment on one of his 365 tricks on the 'tube) asked Steve Brown how he became so creative, basically asking if there was a secret to being creative, and he said it came from practicing being creative, force yourself to be creative, for Steve it is obviously years of it.
BUT that doesn’t mean it will take years of practice to be struck by the inspirational bolt of lightning, that might result in a quik burst of creativity, resulting in a few new tricks, or just a breakthrough of the more ‘meta’ variety where you understand yoyo’ng, or certain aspects of it, as you never have before.
I am CERTAIN if you put the work in you’ll get the reward.
Now be sure to check out Sam Lopez(?) ‘Elements’ videos, as well check out Alexis vids, as well as the vids already mentioned.
And believe it or not, sometimes it helps to just put it down for a day or two, or three or four, and get a fresh perspective on it.
I have played guitar for 25 yrs, and there have been times where I haven’t touched it in a year, but those were times when I learned some of my most valuable lessons it seems, times where I never even had a guitar in my hands.
Taking a longer break allows one to break patterns that become built in a and repetitive, can be deadly to a guitarist who is mainly into improv.
Sometimes it takes more than a day or two lol, but a short break will ALWAYS refresh you.
Also remember…have fun always, and you’ll always have fun!!
Take care DG, good luck.