where do pros learn these great yoyo tricks??


I see proffessional yoyo players do these amazing tricks. I’ve mastered nearly all that expert village has to offer. But I see proffesionals and they do these amazing tricks! where do they learn from?


They make them up.


Right on

Or they will take tricks and add elements to them to fit their style

Its a gift that some people have
(For sure not me!)


what do you mean elements?


For example: They might take a fast tech trick and make it flowy with slack things in it
Or the opposite flowy —> fast tech


Most tricks that you’ll see in competition are completely made up by the competitor.

Or, as others have said before me, them stringing together different already made elements to kind of create something new.


Once you reach a certain point, learning tricks off the internet doesn’t cut it anymore and you start exploring into making tricks :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not great at it yet (hopefully one day!) but this is generally how I start making up a trick.

  1. Pick a mount you like and decide what type of trick you want whether it be slack, popping the yoyo a lot, slow + techy, etc.
    2)Pick a string from the mount and do something with it! If you don’t like how it looks, then go back to the mount and try something else.
    3)Repeat step 2 from your new position the yoyo is in over and over again until it’s a complete trick.

(Ian) #8

Sometimes I see pros do moves we all do, but they add things like body movement, different timing, etc, and it makes all the difference.


I usually look at the monthly trick circle thread for some cool new mounts to help me out!


An element is a very simple base trick or movement. For example, in terms of front style play, Brain Twister is an element for combos. We use Brain Twister and its variations a bunch in front style, even though the trick itself is a very basic trick. The reason is because it looks good when you can chain a bunch of different elements, no matter how simple, together in a smooth, practiced fashion.


In terms of innovative whips, slacks, lacerations, hops, isos, etc., they are made up by the players.


This is great content!

(velez_adrian) #12

You can be Adrian velez and just do what feels right with your yoyoing and your good.


This is a lot harder when you’re new because you have a much smaller group of trick elements to choose from.

I’m far far far from a pro (really I’m still a beginner), but I think it’s important to never see a trick as something you can’t change. Go halfway through a trick and then try landing on a different string or see if you can whip some slack around, hop that yoyo all over the place. You might find you create something cool. More often you’ll have a knot, but knots are good, they mean you’re learning. =)

(Owen) #14

A true thrower will make his own elements up. And with those elements he will make tricks.

A false thrower will steal another’s elements. And with those elements he will make tricks.


(velez_adrian) #15

i make my own elements up, ( well I believe so) I just do stuff, by the way. Your style of yoyoing is awesome.


Nonsense. If other people use your tricks, you should be flattered. There’s no need for it to be “original”, it will score the same in a competition!

That said, it’s fun to come up with something new (even if someone else did it first, if it’s new to you, it’s exciting!)