I have to make a website for school and I need good photos of yo yos I can put on my website because my teacher said that I can’t use and phottos of yoyoing companys logos because its illaegal but if people gave me photos I could put them on please give me some pictures my email is michael3erd@yahoo.com :slight_smile: p.s. if i like your photo ill put it on my website hearn.herobo.com


Not only stunning photography, but also a great resource.

I use my flatbed scanner to scan a lot of 3 dimensional objects. Although, results may vary. I scanned my DMII last night, I wasn’t impressed. I may have to do a 180, scan it again and then use Photohop to fix it up right.

Otherwise, it is odd now to find someone with a cell phone that DOES NOT have a built in camera. Plus the prices of digital cameras is so astoundingly low, almost everyone has one.

The logos of the companies are protected by trademarks, either nationally or internationally. The images themselves are also copyrighted to the owner. So, to avoid problems, I would really suggest you just go snap happy and get as many decent shots as you can. You may also wish to go to any stores that carry yoyos and take pictures of their displays. You can ALSO take a photo of a NEW IN THE PACKAGE yoyo, which will MOST LIKELY show the logo. I suggest you BUY the yoyo first. A great example is the bloated card and blister-pack type packaging Duncan and Yomega use on their retail-ready yoyos at toy stores for example. What I like about my Dark Magic II was the fact that the packaging was as minimal as you could get: box that just fit around it. I know from the video here that the YYF ONE’s I ordered have some not so “eco-friendly” packaging. By that I mean just over-sized for what the product us. I honestly can’t see why a yoyo can’t be in a box just as big as absolutely necessary.

I digress. These retail shots would show a “yoyo display”. The product shots would show an “packaged product shot”. These are covered by fair usage policies as long as you’re not trying to represent the copyrighted and trademarked material as representative of the product and NOT your intellectual property. Label the pictures appropriately. “This is the retail display of yoyos on an end cap at a Toys R Us. Notice the empty pegs and lack of choices” Well, the pegs are empty at the one near me and the selection hasn’t been all that great. “Picture of a Duncan Butteryfly in the package.” “Picture of a Yomega Fireball in the package”.

(then again, many Yomega models include a trick book or a trick DVD, so extra packaging becomes necessary)

Also, you might wish to have any photo submitters sign a release allowing you to use their image/photo on your web site. This is a CYA tactic.

Don’t steal photos from someone else’s site, either via bandwidth stealing or downloading and re-using the file on your own site. People are too “lawsuit happy”. Last thing you want to deal with is that sort of grief.

Now, with that said and done, you might want to state what exactly you’re looking for. Yoyos, got it. Just the yoyo? How about someone holding a picture trick? Working a string trick? Action shots of specific styles? Screen captures(stills from video?). Posing with their favorite throw? Maintenance/exploded pictures? Wicked cool shots?

Thank you guys so much my teacher was like so made when i told him i put company logos on the website :slight_smile:

I need any media that I can use that doesn’t have royalty’s for a website. :slight_smile:

My teacher said i cant get them form another website they have to be copy right free :frowning:

Take a look through this search. Everything there is licensed under the Creative Commons.