Need High res photos for school project


Hey all,

My name is Joey, I’m a huge yo-yo fan and a graphic design student and for one of my projects I have to design a fake magazine for iPad. Naturally I chose yo-yo, but the catch is I need some killer pictures to make my project look good. I was wondering if anyone had any high resolution photos of people doing crazy tricks or just generally being awesome at yo-yo.

Of course, they will be used for non-commercial purposes only, and I will credit you if you like

And if there’s a photo thread that I just totally skipped over I’m really sorry. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything but I know how annoying that is haha

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There’s some nice stuff here:

Just shoot one of those guys a PM and I’m sure they’d be happy to let you use their photo.


Feel free to use any of these

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No pics showed up man :confused:


you might want to ask first but the YYF website has some nice photos!


Check out review section. They have some INCREDIBLE high res pictures of tons of yoyos.


Thanks guys!
Keep em coming please, the more photos the better. The action shots in that one thread are great. If anyone has any new ones they would want to upload that would be awesome


My bad

I am here:
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