I need mods for YoYoMamma Onyx


If anyone has (or hasn’t) thrown a YoYoMamma Onyx that knows any mods for it, please either comment or pm me. It is the worst ball bearing yoyo i have ever used, but it has lots of potential. So if you know of any mods for it, please tell me


Maybe just get a new bearing?

Someone else around here loves that brand. So, maybe it’s just a bad bearing. Then again, maybe it’s just not the right yoyo for you. It happens.


i thought about a new bearing but it’s a weird size. i held it up to the bearing from my popstar (size c) and it looked the same. then i tried to put the yoyomamma bearing into the popstar and it didnt fit. i’m so confused ???


I was going to get specs for you, but the site is down. Apparently having a storefront is more important that showing product information pages for people to then click “buy” and that takes you to the merchant server.

It may be a european bearing.

My Corli prototype uses one.
That bearing measures: 6X13X5mm
A C bearing measures(in mm based on conversion): 6.32X12.7X4.75mm

As we can see, very close. I’ve been told the Corli Prototype can take a C bearing, but I haven’t crammed one in there yet. I wish I had better answers. Maybe this is the problem. I think YYE carries an equivalent bearing, but I also think it’s a brand that YYE does not support for some specific reasons(along with a few other brands, 3 of which I can think of off-hand, but I won’t mention).

Either way, hang out. Someone might help soon.


well the onyx came in a box written in chinese or japanese or something

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Yoyomamma is a Qixia re-branding. I don’t know if bootlegs are banned from YYE or not but it wouldn’t be wise to advertize them here.


There was/is a Qixia thread about a Phenomizm bootleg. Can’t wait to get a real Phenomizm as I have the bootleg.

But, yoyomamma is a bootleg company of a bootleg company? How low can you get?

And yes, bootleg companies are generally frowned on around here, even though some of those companies do come up with original designs.

My thoughts go towards copyright and stuff like that. I prefer to support the real thing whenever possible.


okey dokey then :slight_smile:

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From what I understand Qixia sends YYM yoyo’s and YYM just repackages them.


They are bootlegs and the mods will probably remove this thread when they see it. They are c bearings the bearings come with crappy lube in them. Clean it and it should be fine. If not you can contact the U.S. seller on amazon. I hear he will work with you on defective parts.