I need longer and smoother spin times on metal zero

im thinking about getting a KK bearing for my 3 week old metal zero because the yoyo this few days has been been acting…random. A. it wont throw down all the way and hit u in the neck -.- B.if i can get the throw down it snaps the sting (i use angel hair string and it snaps NEW string on first use-.-) or C. if the string wont snap and if it throws down the yo-yo rotates and ufo’s outta control. Ive been yo-yoing since i was 4 and this year im taking it seriuosly starting with 5A but never have i had a yo-yo act like this then again ive never had a yoyo like this before. plz help me

This could be multiple things.

One, you have a knot…You should know how to remove one.

Two, it may be that you let the yoyo go down, and halfway down the string, you pull it up, and it is tangled. So you throw it, and it won’t go all the way down.

Those are the most likely possobilities.

I say throw it away and buy a real yoyo.

Metal Zero is just fine.

To me it sounds like what Paolo said, most likely being that the string is around the axle instead of the bearing.

Also, unless you make it yourself, I don’t think there even are A sized Koncave bearings.

no knots and theres no tangles and its still being random

there are size A its the first one in the pull out menu

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I stand by my statement. I’ve seen so many problems with the metal zero that I wouldn’t even play with one anymore. I say spend a few less $$ and get a way better yoyo!

the threads on my mfhz v1 got stripped in about a month, heres what i did with it (dont try this at home kiddies)-

propane torch-1 mfhz-0

ok new problem i found out the average spin time on my metal zero(on the few times that it works) BEHOLD!.. 8.7 secs and its braking through brand new agel hair string like no tomarrow. Ive take this yoyo apart over and over again,the only thing i can chalk it up to is that the bearing needs to be cleaned or that the string i got is a bad batch. (my mz broke through 12 new strings today yay -.-)

It’s not the bearing problem. I am almost certain that the string is going between the axle and the bearing.

Try to find some thinner spacers. This will stop the string from going beside the bearing.

i also do have mEtal Zero …and i switch the friction pad into K-pad/ANy pad for smoother play (require bind here)

You can also try use only 1 friction pad

or maybe is the string got problem? …or maybe the string stuck on the side of the bearing ( if you loop the string on the bearing b4 closing the yo-yo …

try use tissue paper clean the spacer as it may have sticky residual and cause some snag…

wat ever was wrong with my MZ is gone and now im gettin 23.4 second average spin time. btw my new favorite trick is the butterfly :). thx for the help ppl

Yes, Make sure that the string doesn’t get stuck inbetween the bearing and the yoyo. Angel hair shouldn’t snap so soon unless if you’re unlucky for a string or you have something wrong with your yoyo.