I need info for a essay about the yo-yo

I need sources for info. also if anyone can tell me from what year in the history of the yo-yo I can call the it the modern yo-yo it will be a very big help.

Thanks in advance

[This] would be a good start.

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I had to do this for my science project. Look up yo-yo on wikipedia. it gives you all you need to know.

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Might also put in some of the big names that are here today. Steve brown, Ed Haponik, Yuuki Spencer, Grant Johnson, Kentaro, etc…

Don’t forget AUGIE FASH ;D :o ;D :o ;D :o ;D

I have to do an instructional video for English class and I’m doing Yuuki slack. I know how you feel

You have to be careful with Wikipedia. Look at the cited sources to make sure the information is accurate.

And please, discredit the idea yoyos are made as weapons. Those are rocks tied to string that is dropped to kill animals. Yoyos are actually the greeky thing.