Yoyo or yo-yo


Personally I go with yoyo and I find it quite annoying when people do yo-yo


yo-yo is correct.


ThroW-YO! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:




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As Kyo said, yo-yo is technically correct:

That being said, I tend to type it as ‘yoyo’. No specific reason why, just always have and haven’t given much thought to it until now. At any rate, it doesn’t really bother me how anyone spells it, we all know what they’re referring to.  :slight_smile:


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yoyo is an error according to spellcheck.
on this forum, the word is used so much, and it is much more convenient to type four letters than five.
for me, hyphens somehow seem harder to type, so i tend to stay away from them.
i like yoyo better.


yo-yo everywhere but in domain names :slight_smile:


I just type yoyo cause I do whatever I want, but yes yo-yo is correct

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Yes some times I call my yoyo’s that.

But yes I like to type yoyo


see, he knows, throw yo, but i do type Yoyo as well


Wasn’t ThrowYo Dave Bazan’s company after Buzz-on?

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Yea cuz its a yo and you throw it


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this? lol

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Always there with the joke no one appreciates. I love it.

But for me it’s always yoyo with no hyphen because if I change it to “yoyo-ing”, the hyphen makes it feel lopsided.


See, I type yo-yoing if I’m using present tense. Usually yoyo if I’m typing on my phone because it’s quicker, or yo-yo on a keyboard.

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yoyo is easier to type, but yo-yo is classier and more professional.