Yo-Yo Wikipedia Page needs some TLC

So, I’ve been on the Wikipedia page for ‘Yo-Yo’ today:

And it has come to my attention that the page needs a bit of a refresher. The guys who put all that information on there did a great job, but some of it is getting a bit out-dated (are Hspins ‘modern yoyos’?) and I feel it could use a little more razmattaz to generate some interest from the general public.

Why have pictures like these:

When we could have one like THESE (no offense Augie, you know we love you):



I don’t know if there are any budding Wikipedia editors on here, but if so, it’d be awesome if you could help out in any way you can. I plan on doing what I can myself but it’s no mean feat so a bit of assistance would be handy.

See, you never know who stumbles upon these pages. We want people who start looking up yoyos to be drawn to the hobby, and so we need some cooler pictures and modern information in there, as well as perhaps some way of leading them to these forums. An epic Wikipedia page could help spread the word and get more people started in yoyoing, so why not make it something to be proud of? :slight_smile:


That T1 is beautiful

I think anyone can edit it right but don’t count me out that.

If you need any pictures for this endeavor, don’t hesitate to ask!

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That’s a sick Paul Kerbel pic.

The one of Augie is better though.

Many thanks! I was planning to use some of the benchmark photos for the “shapes” section, hope that’s cool? :slight_smile:

For 2a, you can show shu Takada backflip