The Evolution of YoYoing?

So I was watching a wonderful video on the evolution of juggling and I heard the speaker say “juggling is a very young art form” and I thought to myself about. Yoyoing is much younger than juggling and it has changed so much! I think someone should make a talk about the evolution of yoyoing.

Here is the video that inspired me

If you really want to be specific, yoyoing is WAAAAYYYY older than juggling. People were yoyoing before juggling was even thought about.

Yoyoing has changed more in the last 20 years than it did in it’s first 2000.

Actually, juggling is older. There are depictions of it in Egyptian tombs from around 1900 BC.

Well, the more you know! The OP referred to both as young though. I suppose he meant in development, but as stated, both were around for a very long time. I think yoyos dated back to around 500 BC.

oh wow! i just saw this video 30mins before seeing this thread! xD yeah really enjoyed this talk! was very interesting and i would love to see something like it from one of the awesome guys who were there and saw all the change first hand :wink:
i actually dont even know alot about it since i just started yoyoing a few months ago, and i think i m not the only one

There is an awesome video covering this very topic.

A really great 11 minutes on the evolution of yoyoing.

From the link above

Interesting that the yoyo goes way back to 500 B.C.

You think people figured out a yoyo before they started throwing random stuff in the air?