I need help!

Hi! I have a school project where you have to choose something to learn for a few weeks, I chose the yo-yo. I got one from Amazon without thinking and now I think I put the string on wrong, every time I sleep it spins around and flips, I can’t post a video but it looks weird. Does anyone have suggestions on what I should do?


Can you tell us what yoyo you ended up getting on Amazon?

And does the response pads aka rubber pads around the bearings want to pop out when you are trying to do a sleeper throw, I had that problem with a friend’s magic yoyo k1 or your problem might be something else like there might be to much oil in your bearing, also if you have discord I can send you a invite to a server called /r/ throwers which is a yoyo discord server and you are going to find people that would help if you are still having issues with your yoyo

Did you look for an Axel knot?

Your problem is you got a random yoyo off Amazon lol jk


To me, it sounds like you are not throwing a sleeper properly which could produce the results you are trying to describe. Please tell me what yoyo you got and post some photos.

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