****************I NEED HELP ************************

ok im looking for a good sturdy yoyo case that can hold alot of yoyos i really like something like the black star case but there sold out everywhere.

PLZ help me find a case


no need for the *'s…

go to yoyoguy, look at cases section

why does everybody put those freakin stars >:( >:( >:(

First of all those " freakin" stars get peoples attention and second of all thnx mistaeight8eight for the recommendation

yea, well after all the annoying “freakin stars” i’ve seen lately, im gonna just ignore any posts i see with them and not even read them. its so irritating >:(

By doing that does it mean you’ve failed? To not reply? ;D

But there’s a great one at YYG, it’s a black case, 20 dollars, and it can hold up to 20 yoyos.

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This is the case I have, It’s cheap and customizable. I can easily fit 30 yoyo’s in there. maybe even 40.


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THANKS I just purchased that case last night :smiley:

go to amazon…

buy yoyo sams case…

20 bucks…

holds 12 yoyos and has a pouch for accessory’s

Isnt that yoyosams case like double stacked so it can hold 24

no just 12…

it says 12 to 24

Thats what i thought.

mine just fits twelve…

It gives people the message that the threadstarter is a generally annoying person.

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Yeah, I’m really getting annoyed with these stars. No ones going to post in your thread if you put all these stars. Man, oh man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet here we are, with about 18 posts. The stars grab attention, you guys are all just making a big deal out of it.

Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal, you know?

I hate all those stars

Same, everyone does.