I need Help


Whats up people, I’m Alain(Allen) I got a Die-Nasty today and I can’t get the string to wind up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe it’s supposed to be this way. I dont know. someone please explain to me what I need to do. I mean, I wind it around my finger once and then around the yoyo the rest of the way and i throw it to sleep it and it doesnt come back up. HELP!! :-\

(LookAYoYo) #2

two things.  to wind it up, try wrapping your finger 5 times.

the reason it wont come back up is because it is unresponsive.  check out these:




thank you. appreciate the help


lube your bearing using thick lube and you shouldn’t have to bind it


okay. well, i tried binding it like 8 times, i got nothing out of it. as far as lubing it, what should i use?

(DOGS) #6

If you dont have yoyojam lube, 3-in-1 oil works great


I’ve used trumpet valve oil and gun oil to lube my bearings before and it works great.


okay. i’ll look into those


you seem pretty new to yoyoing, get some lube ad make it more responsive to you can bind