Help this numpty work a yoyojam!


Hi there,

Sorry for probably the most basic of questions but I got a Axiom Yoyojam for xmas and I have a few questions that I need help with:

  1. How the h3ll do I even wind the string up on it, the bearing just spins and is soo lose?
  2. When I do wind the string up on it and throw it down… how do i get the yo yo back up?!? “incredibly long spin time” they aint wrong!

I though I wasn’t that bad on a yo yo can do a few tricks on a cheap axle yo yo but as yet nothing on this! Can anyone help please?

(Connor) #2

Your problem is that your WAY too inexperienced with yoyos. I dont mean for this to sound mean or anything but if you cant even wind it up, or know how to get it back to your hand you shouldnt even have an Axiom. To get it back to your hand just do a bind, its very simple. If you need to wind it back up then just create a tiny loop with your finger and wrap it arond that a couple times then pull your finger out and then the string should catch and then you can wind it up normal. But really, at your yoyo playing level you SHOULD NOT be using an Axiom. Sounds like you should be using a Journey or Lyn Fry. Like I said, Im sorry if this sounded mean but your just too inexperienced to be using a yoyo like the Axiom.



Hey thanks for the reply. I dont take your coment to be mean or undermining. I know i’m inexperienced but seriously at 33 how else do i learn about yoyo’ing but trying simpler ones first?! We dont seem to have yoyo lessons in 3rd grade over in England? The yoyojam comes in the (sorry to upset you yoyo experts) the crappest of packaging, even though the laser engraving is the muts…!? I’m simply trying to learn this “skill” but from a chep axle spinner I thought this was progression! If I knew what a Journey or a Lyn Fry even was then maybe I would try them but I don’t. Nowhere on a Axiom packet (and thats all you get for your hard earned pound, euro, buck or baht) does it state to perform a bind…! it does say however that the yoyo is suitable for 3+ years quite boldly which I do believe is absolute kin cod5h!t as i’m 10 times that and can’t get the mother back into my hand even with the hardest of flicks from my well versed and exercised wrist! As soon as I manage to “simply” perform a bind (which the definition of is neither written or understood nowhere in the world but on this website) then I will write back, or even post a picture with the greatest of satisfaction. Here’s to the bind, may she come soon! ;D


where did you buy the axiom?


even though it is for ages 3 and up, yoyos have changed a lot in the last decade. They dont put each YYJ yoyo in their own package, telling you what to do. For a beginner, a metal yoyo isnt good. Really, it is way out of your level.


Hey the axiom is a great yoyo for exp yoists but you need to start out with the easy stuff like most people. i suggest getting a beginner yoyo. like these,

They are all pretty cheep too. also the reason you can’t wind it up is because its a ball bearing yoyo. To wind the yo up just stick your thumb in the gap and wind wile holding the string. really simple.and you need to bind the yoyo to make it come back here is another vid for that.
Later and keep it spinning.