I have a question:My new yoyo

Will today my new kickside came!!! ;D
I just have some slight problems:
It is very hard to wind it up and also when I sleep I really have to pull up to have it return…is that a normal thing for new yoyo’s or something else???

The yoyo Is NONRESPONSIVE. You Have To Do A Bind. When You Wind It Up, Put Your Finger In Front Of The Yoyo Then Wind Up About 3 Times, Then Wind Up Rest Of Way. Theres A Bearing In There If You Take It Apart. Its A Metal Thing That Makes It Sleep.

thx…yes i know about the bearings…this isn’t my first ever yoyo…

Now now X-convicted99, you don’t have to have that kind of Attitude to get your point across. Yoyo13, what X-con is saying is right. You have to put your finger in front of the yoyo and you have to bind. You can find the instructions to wind the yoyo here! Learn/Beginner/Adjusting YoYo String. The instructions for binding is in Learn/Intermediate/Bind Returns. Sorry if you are offended by this! Im just making sure you know where to go.

Im not sure if I post the link if it will go directly to the video but here are the links just so you don’t have to waste your time navigating through the website. (Though it would be a good thing to find out what we have here.)

Adjusting Yoyo String

Bind Returns

Have fun!


Also, look at these several other videos to help y ou learn:


Thanks for the reinforcements.

No problem.