I need HELP!!!!

Hey guys

i am need everything perfect and i was wondering… I just got a yyj speeder. and the gap is like this
\ / one part is a tighter gap then the other end but not that bad at all. you cant even really see it but knowing me i got the thing that tells you to .001 of an inch and its about .02 off i think is this bad and can it be fixed.

thanks Jesusfreak

i really don’t know what your talking about, the gap is lopsided? if so send André an email. to do this just scroll up to the top of this page and at the gray bar up there find contact and ask him. you can also ask yoyoexpert on the members list he is near the bottom of the list. hope that helps and remember keep it spinning.

So are you using a pair of calipers to measure this?
I am not sure if being .02 is going to effect play - have you noticed it having an effect on play?
Try adjusting the gap - the tighter the gap is the better this difference might improve…
But I don’t really think it is a problem…
Email me if you have anymore questions. Thanks.

I don’t think you should worry about it unless it causes a sever vibe or wobble.

thanks everyone for the help. but honestly i never played a speeder before so I don’t know if it is playing any different. but there is a little wobble

thanks everyone Jeusfreak

hrmm jesusfreak, if it has a wobble its not yoyo jam dig… i have almost every single yoyojam yoyo and its made not to vibe and wobble, try emailing andre, and jesusfreak do it before 30 days is up so jump on it