I need advice....


I got a 50$ amazon.com gift card and i’m wondering what I should spend it on. I couldnt find any interesting yoyos really… So any ideas? Right now im thinking about a beginners airsoft kit. I really wish I could get some nice yoyos on Amazon though…

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If you REALLY want a yoyo…

  1. Buy like a Dv888 or whatever, YYF has them on there.
  2. Leave it be, don’t open it or anything.
  3. Sell it on the BST/trade it.

It might take up to 2 weeks to do this but if you really want a yoyo, it’s an option.


Yeah I saw the Dv888 but I really wasn’t interested…I just want something fun.

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Lol… I’m talking about you getting the Dv888 and selling/trading it for another yoyo.


Astrojax pop are $20, I think those would be fun.(I really want some…)


Astrojax are amazing. they’re hard at first, but it’s one of those skill toys that’s just so relaxing to have around. It’s super easy to make up tricks and such. And a set is only like 20-25 bucks! C’mon, where else you gonna get that much fun for that much money?

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Here’s an awesome by the amazing Will Kerzic!, or as he’s known online, Cizrek!


I use three contierweights on a old yoyo string  :frowning:


Lol i have 3 sets of v-max, and am getting a set of custom modded MX soon straight from usatrojax. It’s so much easier with actual jax rather than homemade ones.


WAAAAAAA :’( :’( :’(


I’ll have to do a collection pic and make you feel envious! they’re awesome!




Which reminds me… i had two sets of imagine jax as well, but my brother lost both.


I have wanted Astrojax ever since I was 6…


I’ll trade a set of broken (lights don’t work) saturns for a throw…




Get a model rocket kit!


That’s INSANE!


Oh I know there’s this rc ball that you could get it’s soo cool!