I need a upgrade


I am a intermediate yoyo player and I have the yomega dash but I need to upgrade do you have any suggestions


We need more information:
Any preferences yet? Any desired performance traits? Any requirements(bearing size, response, certain size aspects are just a few of many).

If you can bind, more options open up. DM2, Legacy II, Chaser, Hitman, XCon Pro, PSG, Asteroid, Grind Machine, DiBase… the list goes on and on. Again, depends on budget and less tangible aspects.


if you can bind the c3 dibase is a very good throw metal and only 55$


if your looking at an upgrade, the yoyofactory fundametals are good. examples are:


  • yukksta
  • G funk (the new champions collection model is only $55!!! in beutiful spash colors too!)

Also dont underestimate the yoyofactory plastics:


  • Protostar
  • starlite
    -star bright
  • grind machine

yoyojam metal rimmed yoyos rock, all at approx. $40 to $60

-Speeder 2

  • SR-71
  • Dark magic 2
  • New breed
  • Hitman pro
    and more!!!

other notable yoyos:
c3yoyodesign: - Di base
- Capless

Shinwoo zen seires yoyos

magic yoyos (can buy elsewhere for a cheap $20 or so)

Duncan echo and metropolis

EPIC LINE_______

out of all these, ive only tried some. my personal recommendations out of yoyos ive tried are:
-Dark magic 2. isnt my favorite out of all my throws, in fact its the opposite of my preferences. But i use the thing to learn. large catch zone, somewhat heavy, slowish, long sleep times. perfect when your learning a trick and starting yoyoing in my opinion (in oreder of best to least favorite)

-DV888. its a solid, fun little metal throw. at only $50!

-Proto/Northstar. plastic. fun. as good as $100 throws. nuff said.

-Any magic yoyo. pick which ever one looks cool to you. i was amazed by the performance. at only $20 to $40! (better than dash FYI)


that most people seem to love the C3yoyodesign Di Base. im planning to try it at nationals. Also more expensive DOES NOT i repeat DOES NOT mean better. My old northstar was better than my $70 blood brother in my opinion.


wow that took 30 minutes to type… HOPE I HELPED!!!

(SR) #6


Also get a protostar. Nuff said.


Also, for now you should clean the dash bearing using

-charcoal lighter fluid (most readily avalable)

  • paint thinner
  • mineral spirits, (white works, have canned air on hand)
  • PURE acetone (not the nail shiz)

also dare i say, you should silicone the dash.




YYF G-Funk, DV888, And Soooooo many others, we need a price max.


You should probably get a dibase.

(Waylon) #11

I gotta agree with supbreh on one point that may get overlooked. More expensive does not mean better.

It might help if you narrow it down a bit. I recommend you find a few things in your price range that catch your eye and get back to us. There are 100 yoyos out there that can likely outperform a Dash with prices from $10 to $200.


cough magicyoyo cough