I need a recap!


I just graduated from Marine Corps boot camp so I’ve been completley isolated from the outside world, so whats all happened in the yoyo community in the past 3 months?


I died.


The eternal throw Elysian dropped, the gradient dropped, and cypher hype too. Oh ya, gentry won worlds (Paul Kerala or Lori yamaki shoulda won)


Try going on yoyonews.com and look back thru 3 months of pages


Paul kerbel won IYYC as well. And Steve brown is now working with CLYW


Ummm Paul didnt win Luis did…Paul had a less than stellar FS at IYYC IMO


Oh gentry stein won WYYC in Prague.


The YYE forums had 2.6 million bearing related topics.

It was a slow three months.


but muh Dif kks… they r now made in China:<:>
Taka told me


My bad, Paul won the open division at IYYC. That’s one of my favorite performances


Paul won nothing at IYYC; the was Open Champion for EYYC


Why does putting stuff into my bearing make it spin slower?


can’t argue.


Ive been gone a couple months as well, links to some good videos and a little catch up would be nice. I already know about worlds but am clueless about the rest.

(Erik Kerber ) #15

Back spin released this awesome video of the world yoyo contest.





This happened this week