ok so i have this new awesome artwork that Kumo drew(right word?) but it is insanley huge so i need to know how i can shrink i t down to size to put it as my avitar pic
now ive tried banner fans but the picture is still too big
so any suggestions?


Hm. Seems like you already got it.

For anyone else reading this thread with the same question, I might suggest a program like GIMP to resize your image. Most avatar pics need to be 72 kb or smaller or 100 x 100 pixels. I’m not quite sure what the max for this site is however. :slight_smile:

ADD-ON: Sick pic btw DP! ;D

Also, when you upload it to the internet, most places have an option to resize it.

Imageshack gives a resize option.

Hey, Cool drawing. I think it could look better if you ink it up a little more with Photoshop.

If you need to do it again, I suggest uploading in photobucket, they have a resize option.

As does imageshack. There it’s an option though, so you don’t actually have to resize it, but you can.

Correct me if I’m wrong but does imageshack keep your pictures in an album like photobucket? I know it didn’t a while back. Also the layout of imageshack annoys me idk why. I only suggested photobucket because its what I prefer.

Yeah it uses albums now too. I also prefer photobucket, but I had to throw imageshack out there because some people like it more.

k got it thanks guys!

That looks awesome…


I cleaned up your image a lil bit… It’s a lil less blurry now. Hope the link works, you’ll need to right click and save it … Then up load it for your avatar again… if you want it. I dunno how long it will stay up on the servers its on. nice pic/drawing thou.

I just did a quick color job to… il upload it tonight for you at some point.


THere you go 3 to choose from… hope that helped