Can anyone tell me how to put up an avatar on my profile? I’m trying to put a one drop pic there but it keeps saying the pic is too large. How do I reside it? Or does someone have an OD pic I can have? Help plz!
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if its on your desktop, you can either open it in some photo editing software and resize it with that, or upload it on one of the photo hosting sites, where you can select to have the photo resized to you dimensions

Yeah you can re-size it on a site or in an image editor. If you’d like I can fix it for you if you link it to me. C=

Ok, gotta find the link. Btw I’m using am android.

Yeah that’d be quite a task on an android. ;D

Actually I have no trouble copying and pasting with it, its just finding the right photo editor app. Do you know where I can get a good one drop logo pic? That’s what I want to use.

Uh I can find it and make it the right size for you just give me a little time. C=

Is this good?

I can find something else if you want something else. ;D

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Thanks man! Thats exactly what I want!

Glad I could help. C=

Yeah man, I definetely owe yoy a favor for that one! Thanks again!

100 x 100 pixel (approx.) or > 70kb avatars are usually acceptable - on most boards…

not sure what the requirement is on here…



Think it’s 150 X 150 pixels.