Avatar help?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place; if I did, could someone put this in the right place.

I’m a little stuck on setting an avatar pic. I’ve got the pic, but I put it on my profile and it says “too big or not an avatar”. My image is 400x400px. Surely that can’t be too big? Maybe it’s because I’m on my iPod?

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I’m pretty sure it needs to be at 200x200.


Yes - that is the limit. And in my humble opinion, that is too large. An avatar doesn’t need to be more that 100x100.

If you need help, just email me the image, and I will resize it for you and send it back. I hope this worked out already. I did the specs for mgiroux77 and Fellavader’s avatars…and my own of course. The avatar is your “face” on here, so it is pretty important. :wink:

cuz of my avatar, I feel funny :slight_smile:

I hate animated avatars. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Than you must have not seen that video :smiley: it’s hilarious!

What video?!!

ill vibes

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Well…not a bad face to have on here…your face is just a bit more expressive is all. By the way…my avatar is 123 x 192.

For the OP, if he just wants to see the size of anyone’s avatar, or any internet image, just right click your mouse and choose, “view image info.” That will tell you what size they used to get that result. For everyone, it varies what size they used. For instance…I have a long face. :smiley:

that was awesome!

your welcome :smiley:

His name is Ang