I have a question.

So I was going to put a photo that is on my PC onto my profile information.

How can I do that?

I tried doing the photo,

and it said that my photo was either to big or not an avatar.

Well I clicked “I will upload my own picture”

but it made the Personalized picture red.


You’ll need to resize it to fit within the parameters.

That could mean a combination of cropping and shrinking.

I do this with Photoshop. Even an LE edition of Photoshop can handle this. I don’t use Microsoft Paint and other stuff like that, so I can’t comment on what is required to do these things.

though i don’t really like their site, due to all the ads - it does the job.

make an account there.  options to upload pic(s) ‘avatar’ size are readily available.

i need to make a tutorial…for b/s/t as well.  i’ll have that up later :slight_smile:



p.s. or you could do what i do, and just host your own pics.  apache2 web server on debian squeeze - say whu whut!?!?!

Yeah you got to resize it first it’s got to be around 120X120 Pixels.

If you PM me the picture location I’ll crop/scale it for you.


I found one.

Worked for me,

and no need to make an account.