I met the coolest dude!!


His name is McLeod Benson

He is from Cali and was here in NC for a few weeks, and we met up. He has been yoyoing for 9 years and his style is absolutely amazing. Comparable to guy wright. Lots of flow, chopsticks, and repeaters. He can also do 2a, and 5a, and 3a well!!!

He told me how he used to hang put with yoshi alot, and grant. And Kentaro when he visited the US!!!¡ And lots more!

In the end, he gave me a pair of modded freehands for 3a , which was so nice!!!

Josh, he has met you at a contest. U probs dont remember him.

HE SHOULD BE SPONSORED!!! He just doesnt do vids :frowning:


He hated this of himself and he is way better now.


He came in second in worlds 2007

(Jei Cheetah) #4


Yes, that guy is awesome, and for many reasons.
Probably the biggest though is that he was literally the first player I ever met in person and spent time to hang out and teach me stuff back in 04 at the Sunshine Kite Company yoyo classes.

He’s super chill and probably one of the reasons I’m even where I’m at in yoyoing today.

Also, he’s the only guy I ever seen who broke his arm, and still competed at worlds in 5A prelims ONE ARMED with the other in a cast. Haha.

Missed him at nationals last year, hope he can get to this years. And yes, his stuff is super legit.
Also, he’s really good at diabolo.



He said u were weird but super awesome!

(Weird in a good way)


I would love to see a video of him. He sounds super cool. I guess that can’t happen though so… I guess I’ll just hope I’ll also be able to meet him one day. ;D


I posted a very old vid.


I know. I meant one of some newer stuff. That was good, but I’m sure his tricks now are even better. :wink:


Yeah if he’s as good as he says he may have a sponsorship in his future…


Whoops double post :slight_smile: