I made a tutorial for an easy, Flow building repeater

({John15}) #1

Thought I’d share here, it’s borrowed elements from several of my favorite tricks all strung together. It’s been excellent for building flow and plane management.


(Mark) #2

This was cool! I actually didn’t know that undermount->trapeze transition before.

({John15}) #3

Thanks man! It’s the dismount from Hidemasa hook

(Chris Francz) #4

Very cool. I’ve been having big problems with sidestyle and the initial landing so watching tutorials and videos like this over and over is helpful because sidestyle will help me expand. Great job!

({John15}) #5

Awesome man, glad to help! I’m sure that this repeater will feel satisfactory once you get the hang of it.


I look forward to trying it out too.


Skin the gerbil moves are a great starting point for improvisation. The undermount unwrap is a simple idea, but it really fits the flow/transition. Smooth transitions help to define flow.


This is driving me nuts. I can’t seem to get the correct motion for the reverse loop that goes from trapeze to trapeze. I always end up with another string wrap around the axle. I’ve watched the video a hundred times, even slowed it down to 25% speed, but I just can’t seem to duplicate the motion properly. Arg!!!

({John15}) #9

It’s hard to explain… but I’ll try.

You want to swing the yoyo around your NTH. NOT your hand around the yoyo.

Let me know if this helped


Every once in a while I get it to work, but I don’t know how I did it. The motion feels exactly the same to me so I don’t know what I’m doing right when it happens, and what I’m doing wrong when it doesn’t.

Here’s some video showing what I mean:

The two loops don’t feel any different to me in terms of the motion I’m trying to produce, yet the results are different.


Think of it like a Braintwister, you can use your throw hand to push all the strings around to get the yo-yo flipping over.

What @smileypants707 is doing is basicly the same motion, but using momentum instead of pushing the strings around with his throw hand.

Have a play around with Braintwister and Skin the Gerbil and you will get the feel for it. :slight_smile:


Ha! Treating it like a sideways Braintwister did the trick (no pun intended)! Thanks!!!

({John15}) #13


Thanks @Kieran!

(Paul Carroll) #14

I’ve been doing this all day and it feels great :v:

({John15}) #15

Good to hear! It is pretty satisfying


Very Awesome. You are a most superb thrower. Thank you…


So I finally have this sequence down and now I’m trying to make it smoooooove.

But I’m having this nagging problem and would like some suggestions for addressing it. This “flow pattern” frequently causes the slipknot around my finger to loosen a bit, and the string swivels around my throwing hand finger and the string ends up extending out from the side or back of my finger. It’s very frustrating.

({John15}) #18

Try rubbing your slip knot across a piece of beeswax, or a candle if you have one. About the top two inches of string.


Um, I should probably mention that I use yoyo gloves on both hands… :worried:

({John15}) #20

Well there’s your problem… lol