I machined this this morning

I haven’t cut the bearing seat in this one but I’m just using it as a model to write cnc codes to make 2 halves that are exactly alike. I made this on a manual lathe it took me about 2 and a half hours give or take. I don’t yet trust my manual skills to make 2 parts this complicated that are exactly alike :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry about the crappy phone pics


you could probably make a mold of this one and then make the other on from it if you want… but the designs great!

thanks man the design is one of many that I have drawn up but it was the only one I was capable of machining manually given my current skill level

I didn’t think about making a mold that’s a good idea

me and a friend are working on a program for it though I’ll be sure to post pics with the final product. I don’t plan on selling them but if I get the chance to make some more I might post a bst or something. I just cant wait to play with it

I’ve been dabbling in 3d design too I need to get me some solidworks though

Pretty good! Is that a first attempt? Because if so, that’s really good for a first attempt being as things rarely go as planned.

That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see your final product!

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Wait, how will a mold help at all?

That’s really nice! Whatcha gonna call it?

Thanks everyone this is my first yoyo I have made but I’ve been machining for a couple years now so it wasn’t a huge challenge although it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve made by far. I’m thinking about calling it the Canebreak after the Muskogean word Coosa which is the name of the river the native Americans inhabited here in the part of Alabama I’m from.


That’s how its done…just dive in ;D

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That shape!

I love the profile!

That really is a great shape. I’ve been considering producing yo-yos now and starting up a team, but it seems like a money pit. I wish you the best my friend.

This is a lady you were talking too :smiley:

D’OH im an idiot LOL, id definitely buy one when and if you put them out to the market.

I’m a guy. Jordan is a girl. There are a couple girls where I am though it’s not that uncommon anymore

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Yeah, girls aren’t uncommon anymore. I hear about 50% of the world is them

The shape kinda reminds me of a Strix.

I think only 49% of the world is girls.

Nice looking work! Can’t wait to see where this one goes. Also, it was a woman who introduced me to machining in 1986 and I’ve worked with women machinists plenty of times. Although I’d still place the male to female ratio in machine shops at about 98/2.

Oooooh pretty!