I like them both, but In your opinion, what you'll pick?

Boss or M1?

I would pick the M1 ;D

  1. cheaper
  2. smaller
  3. feels better in hand
  4. soda blasted metal (better than bead blasted)
  5. grind friendly
  6. ten ball bearing (quiet and smooth bearing)

But the boss is good too, I just like the M1 more IMO :smiley:

Not including the price Boss.

I honestly was star struck when I threw the BOSS. You will be too.

I have not tried a BOSS, but I’d say the M1.

M1 super smooth thanks to the ten ball but the Boss has ultimite pwnage.

Both nice, but to me Boss would be the one I would likely play more often. M1 great as a pocket yoyo though.

It isn’t. It is only anodized.

BOSS for me by FAR.

I heard the Boss pwns.
The m1 is pretty smooth.
So m1?

i havent thrown either but, i would go with the BOSS. If you are looking for a pocket yo, m1. Or an addition to collection, BOSS. But once again, id go boss cuz i still consider my DM my pocket yo

Samads right, M1s are not soda blasted. Altho One Drop does sell limited edition snow blasted M1s that cost a lot more.

the m1 is not soda blasted but i would go with the m1, it beats all the fundametals and alot of more exspensive throws hands down

I love the BOSS, best yo-yo I have ever thrown in my life. I wrote a review on it- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5222.0.html

The M1 is the king of pocket yoyos.