I knew this would happen.

Does this go through your head when your buy a yoyo? Now, if you are a major collector that has a very large amount of money to spend and not have to think about it then it probably doesn’t, but I know that it does happen to me.

Okay, so I recently sold my 7075 Chief, Catalyst, and Dv888 so I could buy a Sleipnir. Once the funds were in my paypal account I waited, because I was looking for a place that had a free shipping offer that would work for me. In the end, it worked out well. The site I was buying from started a centre trac giveaway and gave out a 10% off coupon code for viewers of their livestream. So in the end, I got free shipping due to the 10% off, a free centre trac bearing, and the store actually held their only orange Sleipnir for me to buy after I got the funds in my paypal account. They received the orange Sleipnir, but didn’t put it up on the color options so nobody else could buy it. I am extremely appreciative of this, and I plan to help this store out in every way possible in the future. However, I waited to buy it because I had a feeling that a better deal would pop up once I paid for my order.

Wouldn’t you know… today my order clears customs and I’m eagerly awaiting it. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with what I got for what I paid, and I have no regrets. The thing is I was right. I get on another certain website today and see that they just put up a “Lucky Box” of yoyos. For 170 something dollars you get 3 random A- grade Yoyorecreation yoyos. Does this ever happen to anybody else? It seems like every time I buy anything, a seemingly better deal pops up a day or two after I pay. Again, I have no regrets, I just think I have my fair share of bad luck.

Happens to us all. :wink: I paid more for my El Ranchero than I probably needed to.

Same here I bought a g funk and a week later the gentry pack came out

You paid a fair price for what you wanted. Whether circumstances change or other deals happen you got what you wanted. Also don’t talk about other stores.

Just saying you bought something elsewhere w/o mentioning names or links is perfectly ok.

I’ve had and seen plenty of threads deleted for the same thing, my references were far more obscure than the ones in the OP and were still deleted. Interesting.

Also to the OP with PayPal fees and the store’s fees it’s a little over $180 for the 3 yoyos, so you got a perfect A-grade Sleipnir you wanted for substantially less than that, or could have gotten 3 less than perfect random yoyos none of which were probably what you wanted, so don’t regret it too much.

As a player and a collector, I have to shop by price. There’s no point in over-spending, but I also don’t like chasing down stuff either. I also try to work arrangements so I can secure the items I want, which often means paying in advance and waiting, which I am fine with. I also track regular/repeatable sales, offers and discount codes to see where to shop, when to shop and what to buy and when.

I don’t just buy from here. There’s at least 3 other domestic retailers I regularly buy from besides YYE, and one over-seas one, that I am familiar with, and that the OP is referring to not by name. I’ve even bought from a brick and mortar(literally) place in Vietnam and places in the USA.

Once I have secured the item, then I rest and relax. Honestly, for the most part, the stuff going on special hasn’t affected me as those haven’t been models I’ve card about.

About all I really have my eyes on now for a “big ticket item” is a Sleipnir. Lowest price takes my money, but in this case, there are some restrictions: New, mint in box condition, silver and blue preferred, pink an option. That’s why I’m most likely going to go with a retailer. If a domestic retailer can make me an offer I shouldn’t refuse, then I’ll cough it over fast.

But, let’s say something does happen, like a price drop or something, I’ve found in SOME cases, a retailer may be willing to work with me to resolve the trivial issue. Store credit often works good or free shipping. I’m reasonable. Let me just say that with all the shops I regularly deal with, INCLUDING YYE, customer service has been exceptional.

If my experience with a store is bad, I don’t buy from there anymore.

However, I don’t like dealing with “mystery” deals or “randoms”. I like to know what I’m getting. That’s why I don’t buy the YYF Mystery Boxes(also because I pretty much have all the YYF I want at the moment), and don’t do other similar things. I’m a bit of a control freak. I want to know what’s in that darn box!! I just have a NEED to know what exactly my money is buying.

The billy bobs bait n tackle shop near my house has good deals. The Yomega and Duncan guys who come in the store to restock always put things on the wrong rack. So I got a few mavericks, dash, freehands and metal drifters for $10 a piece.

If you want a blue Sleipnir, you should buy it now if you can find a new one. I couldn’t and was told from the owner of the place I bought mine from that blue and red had been discontinued. I’m thinking that’s because those colors have been faked. I definitely understand the mystery box deal with YYF, but if it’s a YYR mystery box with 3 random yoyos in it I don’t see how it could go too drastically wrong. Maybe if their A- grade yoyos have horrible vibe.

To be fair their solid color palate was terrible compared to most companies, so if they start doing more purple, green, bronze, etc. i doubt anyone would complain.