I just rescued this rabbit from stray cats!


We found this rabbit dragging its bloody broken legs behind it with two cats chasing after it!

We follow instructions and got it inside. Hes very kind and lets us pick him up to put him in the box without struggling.

We r taking him to an emegency vet.

Updates soon.


he’s a cutie!!! and that is very nice to welcome him into your home!


Did you post this in the General section just to up your post count? lol

(Waylon) #4

It’s a common mistake. However, I’m making this comment to up mine.


I hear you.

(Alex Fairhurst) #6

I want a higher post count, too!


What he said.


Did someone say free posts?


Lol anyways cute bunny I love the color. Are you gonna keep him? (Make that two free posts!)


Thats cool bro.


i found a rabbit drowning in my pool so we saved him and set him free and now we see the same rabbit all the time except he has no ears.


No, he’s going into rehab to be released in a cat free place. We have a cat, so we couldn’t keep it


“Here rabbity rabbity!”
“Son, he won’t respond.”
“Why not? I saved his life! I deserve respect!”
“Son, he has no ears.”


Just bumped up my post count, like a boss 8)

Cute rabbit btw ;D


That’s an adorable story. Doesn’t have anything to do with yoyos. But it’s an adorable bunny. So that makes it okay.


If that bunny wasn’t cute I’d give you a huge lecture on why you should always post in the right plac-

shoves bunny in my face

Aww!!! <3


More like you stole dinner away from some starving cats.


FUS RO… d’awwwww




Good one.