Rabbid help!!

I was recently bitten twice in the arm by a rabbid snapping turtle I thought was dead on the beach. What do I do???

Lol jk but I have a pet rabbit, and I think it has fleas because every time I check on it and clean its cage and after I wake up in the morning, I have all these tiny bumps that itch near my nipples and bellybutton. Sorry for disturbing you guys, but what flea/tick protection do I use???


why do you ask a yoyo forum?

use bug spray?

If you are serious this.

Lol this is the Unrelated Discussions corner… and what other alternatives such as like that stuff used on dogs.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Call the fire department, call the k-9 patrol. LOL

Omg I meant I think my rabbit has fleas, what can I do to stop them? Is there a Frontline Plus for small animals like rabbits?

Call a vet.

Like Shadowz said, call a vet.

Call a vet for your rabbit. More than Likely you’re not going to get any great information concerning fleas on this forum.

Its not like any of us are vets…but maybe someone is…

Do you have a computer>? can you google stuff?


You can’t get rabies from reptiles…

Cool. It’s a shame that rabbits are mammals… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Never mind, I see that you were talking about the turtle joke. :slight_smile: