My dog has Mighty Fleas! (the yoyo ;)

I got my mighty Flea today (its sick!) but I came up with the idea, and couldnt resist taking a picture of my dog with the flea! My dog has no actual fleas =)
Hope ya dig! I dont think my dog was digging this thing on her back, right after i took it she tried to eat it up.

lol cool. i want one alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

After playing the flea for 1 1/2 hours, my boss feels huge and i forgot how to yoyo with a real yoyo for about 5 minutes haha

Same thing with my DM and CU.

LOLZ you can see her like eyeballing the yoyo and everything haha. awesome pic.

i did something like that but instead i put the slipknot around my cats tail and he went crazy also he hasnt come any where near me since. LOL

Also you know how yoyos were first invented as weapon, well amagine if a guy ran up to you and hit you with a flea and then a really deep voice came from the sky and said “YOU JUST GOT FLEAED, SON!!!” hahaha lolz hahaha lolzz

This forum and random things…

Hahaha. Nice one. I like random things… so don’t judge me.

Btw: I’m still faster than 80 percent of snakes.

Dang I gotta get myself a flea and a dog to put it on :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL thats funny I wish i had a dog cause my mum said icant have a dog until im 16 because she thinks i cant look after it properly. LOL but your dogs cute. :slight_smile: