Looking for an interesting throw

Ok guys, I got all sorts of stuff, but now I want something interesting. Something challenging like a Flea or a Dingo, or something unusual like a bull dog, or anything else you might think is a little unsual. I want something a little harder, but something thats fun! As far as preferences go, I dont care. I just want something new and exciting. I tried a dingo and I tried a Bull dog and I like them, but I’d kinda like a flea, if any one has any other suggestions, please, post 'em here!

Thanks for all the help!!

fleas are unatural in the hand because of there consentrated weight i would sugest one because there so much fun and you can do tons of tricks on them

Alchemy CU.
I go over my friends house all the time and use that yoyo. It’s so much fun.
However they are discontinued though.

the flea is def. challenging and a little tuff to get the hang of… and once u get used to it u will be able to pull just about all the same tricks u can do with a bigger yoyo. I just got the hang of mondial with the flea it’s hard to catch stringswith that little thing. and the best part about it is if u get a flea and master it then guess what u can still get a bulldog or dingo so as long as u keep urself entertained u should be good!

I know that it’s almost impossible to miss the string, but try technical stuff on it(think chopsticks mount). Yeah, it’s hard. And the shape’s a bit funky too. Almost like you’re grabbing a flagpole :P.

yoyo factory frantic ;D

Envy or Noctu.

The 3Yo3 Cosmo is a VERY interesting throw! :smiley:

My freind said some guy had a noctu, threw a sleeper, and put it up against the wall and it cut two holes in it lol.
Go with the mini motu or the flea yeah.


It looks cool but plays terribly. Starburst response…Tsk tsk…


that guys string tension is all crazy now.