Downsizing.. I just had to do it.

Thanks Brian.

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Mighty Flea FTW!

I should play my flea more than 5 minutes a day…

Like I said, you’re such a beast. Amazing with that thing. Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Your amazing… They should call it Brett Stole… And great flea hops… And your choice in music, I love the Beatles… Beetles and Fleas…


I really need a mini yoyo.

Well you just blew me away, that is real talent to land them with that little thing. I can’t even land those with my wide gaped yo-yo.

Sorry, I only saw the first trick. For the remainder of the video, my eyes blew up from the overload of impossibility and awesomeness… Ya, had to get MAJOR surgery.

amazing thats all i got to sya

I knew the Mighty Flea was tiny, but that tiny?! And you still landed those tricks! Just plain awesome.