I just got done with my face lifts

(Jeromy K.) #1

I just finished my Dark Magic and X-con face lifts and want to show them off
And I engraved my X-com just for fun. They are not mirror but they are clean.


x-con looks awesome. It would be cool 2 mess around with different engraving designs

(Jeromy K.) #3

It was my first time and I rushed it, I think it looks ok but I’m the one who did it. Next time I’ll take more time and do it right. :slight_smile:


haha that is AWESOME! I wanna do it, but I’m too young and my parents won’t let me lol ;D

(Ryan) #5

how did you engraved it?


Don’t listen to me, but to me, it looks like he used a knife, and scratched it.

(Ryan) #7

man that is scary

(Jeromy K.) #8

No I used an engraver tool


How did you shine it?

(Jeromy K.) #10

Sand paper 330 grit to 1500 grit and buffing paste + Time = Shinny




i like the way the x con looks it kinda fadedish but i think it cool
hard for^me to see


You sir = WIN SAUCE!!!

That looks fantastice!!

(Jeromy K.) #14

For all those concerned they play the same as the day I got them. The sanding did not cause any wobble or any more vibe than when I got them.

A word of caution there is always a risk when doing shining and sanding to make it vibe real bad and in worse cases a wobble. :’( :’( :’(

(JonasK) #15

It is not shiny enough before you can see the camera it is taken with. And good job Jeromy, I can see your camera.

Addment: Really nice engraving. It would be awesome if someone tried homemade laser engraving. If that is possible (which I think it is)


Nice engraving dude!

Tobiastate has an awesome engraved SPYY Spyder!

~yo! shi!

(Jeromy K.) #17

I saw that one it looks sweet.


AH! Its skeleton jack!


Sweet! Did it improve grinding?

(Jeromy K.) #20

Witch yo-yo are you asking about the X-con DM or the Spyy.