I just found the perfect holder (pics)

(JonasK) #1

As the title says, I found a perfect holder:
A Playstation carrier. Made to hold the original Playstation system that we managed to break.
It has a lid with a net.
It has three sections that can hold a lot of string, some acessories and a lot of yoyos.
Or you can put all your accesories and string in the net.
And remove the separator to get room for even more yoyos

I find this to be as close to perfect as possible. Since it is made to hold,carry and protect a Playstation, it already has some foam along the edges. And that removable separator makes it very easy to customize. It has a strap as well, so it’s easy to carry. I am planning to find some foam to stuff in it for the future, but with my amount of money and yoyos, I don’t think it’s necessary yet.




thats awesome!


Yeah… but when you carry it up, wouldn’t they all crash?

(JonasK) #5

That’s the point with putting foam in it. Every case has that problem without any foam.

Addment: I don’t have that many yoyos yet anyways.


I meant the yoyos crashing together and clanging.


Awesome :wink:


but I think cases made for yoyos specificly will work way better


but most of us dont have enough yoyos to efficiently use one so make shift ones like this are da bomb

(JonasK) #10

I actually disagree on that. I think that homemade cases are much easier to customize. And cases made for yoyos contain the same thing, foam. If one is to get some foam and carve perfect holes in them, it will work the same way as a case made for yoyos.And there are not too many cases made to hold yoyos, so there’s not too much to pick from. When you make your own, you can pick the size and shape you want. So what I really want now is reasons that make cases made for yoyos better than homemade.

Addment: As my original post says, this thing is as close to perfect as possible.