i introduce the royal flamingo!!!!!!!

(BB) #1

this was an aoda 888 i picked up at worlds it was beat to heck rim satin did the job then i high walled it removed some anno in a ring and now i have a royal flamingo plays awsomly no vibe

for those who liked the royal flamingo!!!!!!!!!!!!
(BB) #2

srry wrong pics


that looks really cool… :o


dude thats like one of the nicest paint jobs i’ve ever seen.


it wasn’t painted


nicest anadozations. what evs

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

He just added the Silver lines, satinned, the stars and all the pink was already there. Great job btw.

(BB) #8


check it out for sale here!

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(BB) #10

sold to BLANK for $36.00