for those who liked the royal flamingo!!!!!!!!!!!!

ring of anno removed
rim satin
concave bearing

I’ve got a few problems with your listing:

-You say 888 in the title but it is an Aoda 888 bootleg
-You list condition as new but say that you’ve used it in the description. By eBay standards, a ‘new’ item cannot have been used.

i put new cuz i threw it twice to make sure there was no vive and played good in the descricpin i say its an aoda 888

No you didn’t.

And when I saw close up picture they are pretty beat.

Man, you guys are pretty much jerks, your hating on BB in their BST, get lost losers. BB, I’m top bidder, for the record, I like it. Just one quick Question, it doesn’t matter either way but, does it have its hubstacks setup?

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doesnt come with them cuz i dont have any but it plays awsome w stacks

BB I am pretty sure these people are correct w the exception of it being pretty beat, it looks fine to me. But you DID list it as new AND as an “888” not an “Aoda 888”, either way I still like it, I think you did a fine job :smiley:

You guys don’t like it, don’t buy it.

So are you pretty much saying that it doesn’t matter if he is lying or not?

So… you said that you put it new since you threw it twice. Which basically means that it is new.
But here you are saying that it was beat to heck??

Alright.You need to give avid information about that yoyo.Give them the correct name of the yoyo.condition and ect.If you threw it once its not used it which by deffinition means its not new.So you are lying.Just edit it and make sure its with correct information.


i modded it then used it and poslished it and didnt use it scince soo its technicly new

if you dont have anything nice to say dint say it

NO! its not.Something that is new is never used,in your case thrown.I dont care if you modded it then pollished it.Even modding it is altering it in someway in which case isnt new.Its not new,So say its used but only throw about twice.

I’ve taken care of this.

You guy’s know better than to do this though. Hit that report post and Andre, JM, Dr YoYo or I will take care of it. All you are doing is making yourselves look like jerks. I know you aren’t but that is the vision I get. Please lets keep this forum friendly. Make us do our jobs as moderators. We have the power to do what needs to be done. Let us do it.