Huge Sale!!!

sorry no pics
i need to clean my closet

dv888 6 dings red $15
hectic splash red/black still in sealed box $20
wooly marmot light purple dark purple splash 1 small ding $50
888 john higby peoples edition no ding mint $35
888 jason lee edition 1 small ding $60
888 starry night edition black no dings only thrown like 2 times $30
888 raw 2008 editiion 2 ding but unnoticable $20
888 mr yodel edition no dings $25
888 black yellow splash 2 dings $20
888 Purple aqua splash 1 ding $25
888 ocho 8 ocho $25 I have 2 of these so both for 35

first come first serve
posting on other sites also so hurry and get your today cheap
i need money
will ship anywhere in world
wow sold some of them fast

Why are these prices so low?

What years are all these 888’s?

I call dibs on the ocho8ocho.

i used them a couple times
theyre not brand new

How un-brand new are they?

I call scam!

I call wooly marmot and black yellow splash 888, Find a way to get pics

Pics or Scam.

I CALL: WOOLY MARMOT, PURPLE AQUA SPLASH 888!!! That is if your not a scammer. Hold them. Ill have the money by saturday.

Yeah. You can find a camera somewhere. Even a phone with a not-horrible camera.

20-40 throws each

first pm first one gets them



shuut up
whats so funny

I call wooly marmot and black yellow splash 888, Find a way to get pics
Ill go 60 on the marmot. along with the 888 I called of course.

what you sold them or wat

Your a scammer. Thats whats funny.

a 25 dollar Mr Yodel 888?

i wouldnt pay over $50 for any used yoyo

  1. Don’t scam.

  2. You suck at scamming.

Have a good day

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