Huge Sale!!!

Lock? Please? haha.

I cannot find this post on any other yo-yoing site. Buyers beware!.

Ahh ruining the fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. Agreed with JM here.


I highly doubt xako is going to show his face anymore. Xako, I dub thee official YYE idiot. You hath deserved it.

Agreed and Agreed. Locky Time?

I’ll buy him the hat!

I think deletion is more appropriate.

JM, do you’re thing. Oh wait… you’re not a mod yet! hint hint

Biggest Fail scam ever…

So can we just do random stuff in this thread until it is locked?


I’m all for it.

Japense chicken nuggets?

Monkeys folding phones?

Lollipop Airplanes?

OMG… ima call my next video that.


Peanuts doing the electric slide :o

Tissue Paint boxes!!!

Ladder opener…

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

wait wait wait… you have no proof he was trying to scam anybody. Im suprised that you would be so mean Samad… you’re suppose to be a leader, not a bully. It is possible he could be scamming, but you have no proof!!! I just wouldn’t be so judgmental… :-\

Im disappointed in you guys…

i have proof when everyone was saying he was a scammer he didnt say im not or something and then he logged off when they started commenting and commenting that he was a scammer

could just be a cuensedence…
its not proof

Apetrunk received a PM saying he already sold the yo-yos he “dibbed” on YYN. I checked YYN and I saw no such thread. Xako would have said something by now as well I think.

Yeah. Samad and I both checked and there’s no thread over there for him. Yeah.