888x and Two 2010 DV888s $80 for all three insane deal!

A pretty dinged 888x violet but still plays like so awesome! 2 DV888s red with awesome play, a couple(2) dings on both. PLEASE BUY I NEED MONEY!!!

im pretty interested i like all those yoyos but are they in good shape? and are the barrings good . sorry i just dont wanna get ripped off ill buy one of them seperatly for 25$ and a collection card from zach gormley with his real signature on it he is sponsored buy cariboue lodge. thanks please look into my offer and message me back.!!

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yeah, im actually looking into buying beater yoyos and practicing my satining skills on them, so could you do a red dv888 $20-25 shipped for me? i know youre probably looking to ship all three of them at the same time but i was wondering if you could do this with me, thanks ~pillowite

yeah ill take a red dv88 is it in good shape …how doess it play ill pay 25 $ thats awesome you can contact me in a quicker way please let me know and we can talk about shipping and paying.
my name is trent-970-227-7611 or trent.mofo@gmail.com

hint, dont give out your telephone number on a public forum. Also, learn to read the op. it gives the conditions…