DV888 - Fett Edition....... DMII pics added 5/9/13


First and foremost, please let me know what you all think of this. Its my first attempt at “modding” a yoyo and so far, I’m very please with it. Take a look at the pictures, read the story, and let me know what you think.

So, about 5 years ago, I was really into Star Wars costuming, specifically Boba Fett. I spent a bunch of time researching the costume and ended up doing the yellow and blue animated/christmas special version of his gear. One of the cool things about SW is the lived in, worn out look and feel everything has.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. I had a trade with Logi in which I got him to throw in a slightly beat but still functional DV888. When I got it, it was sanded about half way with its green ano still showing.


I’ve seen some really cool nice and neat paint jobs around here, so I thought, “let’s go the other way!” After talking with my son, we decided a Fett color scheme would be fun to try. So I started out and sanded it all down, laid out my masking and hit it with gray primer.






After the primer, I adjusted the masking and then hit it with green. The end results are seen.


Once that was done, I painted the rim and cup red and lightly over-sprayed with silver to give it a speckled/dirty look.



If you look close, you can see the silver specks. And so far, you can really see the rough, worn out, beat look. It almost looks like a total piece of crap. From there I masked the rim and painted the inner cup black.


Then the tricky part began. My original idea was to have the bantha skull in one cup and the wheat design in the other. Wheat - no problem! Skull, whole other story.




That turned out pretty good. The skull is a challenge because I cant get the horn symetrical. So to remedy that, I’ll make a simple template and go from there. I added the kill stripes, new response pads, and soon to be a new axle and bearing. The finish result…




I hope you all like it. I may put it up for trade later, once I get it completely completed. Like I said, new bearing and axle and a clear coat and skull. In person, it really looks like a beat up junker but it still plays like a champ. I need to tune it a little…

Anyway, I’d like to try some more later. Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think!


That’s pretty incredible looking!
I’m a pretty big sw person myself (I have my own homemade jedi costume, 2 force fx lightsabers, and last halloween I went as Han Solo)
You did a fantastic job on the whole thing, especially considering it’s your first paint job
When you find a way to get the bantha skull on there, post more pics. :slight_smile:
What kind of paint did you use, and do you have any pics of what it looks like spinning?


That is… awesome! :smiley:


I used Krylon for everything except the wheat and kill stripes. that was acrylic. I don’t have any pics of it spinning but once its complete, I’ll snap a few. It kind of looks like its just raw metal when it spins. The red rims look nice too.


That… Is… Mullicabob awesome!


I’ve been on the hunt for a beater to try something like this out. I’m a huge Star Wars geek also. I like Simpsons also, maybe I can do homers donut as a theme.
Anyways, great job! Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the compliments all. I got the skull painted but cant find the camera :frowning: It looks pretty cool.


Well, I found my camera. Here’s the final.



The little hump in the middle where the axle comes through caused a few problems painting. A flat surface is always prefered when painting by hand.

And here’s a shot of it spinning. Nothing fantastic there.


Now, as soon as Andre restocks the axles, I replace that, throw in a new bearing and Bob’s your Uncle! I did clean the bearing that it came with and lubed it. It helped quiet it down but I’m just not a fan of YYF standard bearings. Partial to the crucial and the trifecta. Anyway, let me know what you think. And if you have any ideas for another one, let me know. Thanks!


R2-d2 throw that would be cool !


Dude that is sweet, I’m a total SW nut! May the Forth Be with you.

BobaFett for ever! Let me know if you ever want to get rid of it.


Here’s a couple promo shots I did today. Thought they turned out nice. If you like them, swing over to the stick it click it boards and vote for it! And sorry for the sideways pictures. Don’t know how to fix it. >:(






Pictures aren’t sideways for me. Are you using an iDevice of some sort?


No, I used Photo bucket to host them and when I took the original, it was sideways so I rotated them. But they still show up sideways on my screen. Oh well…

(WildCat23) #15

Photobucket does that to me too. It’s weird.


Awesome! I love them!


I wanted a few cool shots before I send it off to you, Kitebug. New axle arriving tomorrow!

Here’s some shots of what I just did to my DMII. It was slightly inspired by the black spade edition. I’ll call this the white wall edition!








Your DMII looks awesome too!


New Home, same Awesome little throw! custom done by the Doctor.