Hey guys, some of you might remember me on here from years ago! I did a lot of custom anodizing for the community and I’m back with a few older relics to sell!!

Here is the link to all the photos! Please PM me if you are unable to view them! PM for more detailed yo-yo conditions.

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LIKE NEW Twin Yomega Raiders (One needs spacer tuning - $22 shipped $20 shipped

Great condition Yoyofactory Loop 900’s - $22 shipped $18 shipped

LIKE NEW Yoyofactory Loop light up 1080’s - $22 shipped GONE

LIKE NEW Yoyojam Vexed - $33 shipped$30 shipped $25 shipped

Near mint One Drop Burnside CUSTOM ANODIZED, no longer produced! - $49 shipped $40 Shipped $35 shipped GONE

DISCONTINUED Custom anodized IYYC Breathe, this is a PERFECT collectors item at a $300 value! -$99 shipped $80 shipped $70 shipped

Yoyojam Fiesta XX near mint - $19 shipped $17 shipped $15 shipped

Not a clue what this guy is…I think it was made by Crucial? Just needs a good blasting and ano (sorry, I’m closed down at the moment) No axle or bearing - $39 shipped $35 shipped $30 shipped

Yoyofactory G5+, been stripped of its anodize, needs a blast and ano (few scratches, but plays great!) No axle or bearing - $49 shipped $40 shipped $35 shipped

Duncan Stryx, plays great! Stripped and needs a blast and anodize, no bearing or axle included - $39 shipped $35 shipped $30 shipped

TAKE EVERYTHING FOR $200 shipped! An already low $400+ value for only $350 dollars separate or $299 for all of it!


Can’t see the pix…


Changed prices!

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