I have tons of string mixed up that I don’t know which is which. Anyone know a definitive way to identify whether string is Kitty Brand or YYSL?

I think some may be YYR string as well.

Also, how can you tell at a quick glance whether it is poly or nylon? Obviously they feel totally different on the yo-yo but I mean just in the bag.

Kitty have much more of a rough and textured feel on the finger.
And it’s a bit stiffer.

For nylon and poly, I can only tell from looks alone if both are broken in and fairly used. Poly will be more furry.

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I dunno mate. I just tend to put one on and use it.

Lick it, the kitty one tastes just like raisins


As for the poly/nylon one, i usually either look at the threads near the slipknot, or at the loop. Nylon will be fuzzier, while Poly isnt fuzzy at all (depends though).