I have an Apprentice!

Hi guys,

There is a kid in my neighborhood that’s learning yo-yo from me. He’s sporting a Duncan Throw Monkey and so far all he know is rock the baby. Is it right to make him concentrate on his sleeper, and to give him my used poly string because he is on a budget. He has the dedication and I am sure he is going to get good.

BTW: The Throw monkey is ultra responsive stock. Even with a cleaned bearing it comes up in a snap. So don’t judge me and say it was wrong to clean his bearing.

So, am I doing it right?

Yes. But you might want to give him a different yoyo like maybe a Kickside.

Yes you are… I did the same with multiple of my friends.

Tyler,me,phil,angelo,joey =) (from left to right)


He’ll quickly need a different yoyo if it’s so responsive.

Are you trying to make it unresponsive? if you aren’t just have him break in the pads more to make it less snaggy.

Their always snaggy no matter what. It’s a tug responsive yoyo, what can I say?

nice work getting an apprentice. i have one too. my neighbor. he has a protostar but started off with a duncan dragon fly then a dark magic then a protostar and now a dark magic. he really isnt that good. the best trick he knows is double or nothing. but whateva. i would get a kickside or lyn fury or journey. he could also get the new freehand and remove 1 pad and clean the bearing

I was saying that breaking in the pads more will make it less snaggy. Not stop it from snagging.

Not on that yoyo. On a modern yoyo though.

He just started and getting a yo-yo in our city is tough. For his birthday, I might get him a Zombie or a FH2. He can’t buy online because he doesn’t have a computer but isn’t responsive good for a beginner. He says that he likes the Throw Monkey.

Responsive is fine. He can learn on it as long as it sleeps.

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