I have a question to ask you.

The question is: Why?

The person with the best answer exactly one week from now wins… something. I’m not sure what yet. Maybe you’ll just win the thread, I’m not sure. :wink:

Because I can.

cuz yolo

(You’re awesome if you get this :D)

My answer is nothing because there’s nothing in there to explain what the question actually is so trying to answer to will leave you stumped. so the answer is nothing because trying to answer it is redundant.

Dogs are okay.


American band

Why? is an American alternative hip hop and indie rock band. The band was founded in 2004 by Berkeley, California artist Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, who had been using ‘Why?’ as his stage name since 1997.

Active from: 1997
Origin: Berkeley, CA
Members: Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid, Matt Meldon
Record labels: Anticon, City Slang


Good Friday 2008 Alopecia
Strawberries 2012 Mumps, Etc.
The Vowels, Part 2 2008 Alopecia
These Few Presidents 2008 Alopecia
The Hollows 2008 Alopecia
Sod in the Seed 2012 Mumps, Etc.
Fatalist Palmistry 2008 Alopecia
Gemini 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Simeon’s Dilemma 2008 Alopecia
Song of the Sad Assassin 2008 Alopecia
Paper Hearts 2012 Mumps, Etc.
Crushed Bones 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Jonathan’s Hope 2012 Mumps, Etc.
By Torpedo or Crohn’s 2008 Alopecia
A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under 2008 Alopecia
Rubber Traits 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Danny 2012 Mumps, Etc.
Darla 2003 Almost Live From Anna’s Cabin
Yo Yo Bye Bye 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Waterlines 2012 Mumps, Etc.
Bitter Thoughts 2012 Mumps, Etc.
One Rose 2009 Eskimo Snow
The Fall of Mr. Fifths 2008 Alopecia
Whispers Into the Other 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Dumb Hummer 2006 Rubber Traits EP
Into the Shadows of My Embrace 2009 Eskimo Snow
White English 2012 Mumps, Etc.
Afterschool America 2003 Oaklandazulasylum
Waterfalls 2005 Elephant Eyelash
January Twenty Something 2009 Eskimo Snow
Eskimo Snow 2009 Eskimo Snow
Sanddollars 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Light Leaves 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Fall Saddles 2005 Elephant Eyelash
Kevin’s Cancer 2012 Mumps, Etc.

The answer to why is duct tape and electrical cords.

Because south african swallows dont migrate.


Some look at things the way they are, and ask why…
Some dream of things that never were, and ask why not…

Some of us must toil for our subsistence and haven’t time to sit around and ponder such pettifoggery



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Because of one wafer thin mint.

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And because of the conservation of angular momentum.

If the question you are asking is “Why [then, because of the title] do you have to ask us a question?”

Because you wanted to have a little fun on the forums. :slight_smile:

Sheesh, I’m good. Do I win?

I blame rotational velocidensity.

because Fword you, that’s why.

…is fine too.


I was gonna say that…

Cause I said so, and don’t talk back to your father!

Because I love her and she makes me feel like a man

We have some interesting answers here… keep them coming!