I have a question about the H5xChief?


So… 2 Companys combine ideas to come up with a 72 gram, 145 buck yoyo. Ok.

Here is my question> I spent some time tonight, staring at the yoyo pics in the YYE Store. Double V catch zone… Double V catch zone… I got somewhat tired of looking at the pics, but I am just not seeing a ‘Double V’ catch zone.

I see a small ‘jump’ in the shape of the ‘Slant’, but I don’t really get the Double V Catch Zone thing??

I am not saying the yoyo isn’t a player. I have never touched one.

So unless I am seriously missing something, I am feeling the Amazing Double V Catch Zone is in the Same Dream as Anti Yos’ ‘Quad Fist Response system’. <The Incredible Quad Fist Response system. Which actually was only Incredible because it turned out to be 4 slots with orings. < You can pretty much tell when some yoyo performance feature is Worthless, when you realize the NOBODY tries/tried to copy it.

But I could be totally wrong about putting both of these features in the same ‘somebody might believe it category’.

So if I am indeed waaaay wrong, can somebody explain: what and how the Double V Gap Catch Zone works?



I’m no professional but I did the staring so you wouldn’t be alone in that regard…

I see the step you’re talking about and I suppose there could be a nigh unnoticeable difference in the angles of the two sections… or it could just be a step…

either way you really have to wonder weather an unnoticeable angle change or minute step makes any difference, and I haven’t thrown one either but I think I agree that it’s marketing nonsense and nothing more…


Petr Kavka let me try out his at worlds. The h5 Chiefs are really nice. They also don’t feel as heavy as they actually are. They sleep for a long time and they’re super stable. The thing that may be a turn off for a lot of people is the size. The h5 Chiefs are huge. Theyre an amazing throw but it’s almost the size of an offstring yoyo.


My guess is the added step, or double v, adds weight closer to the centre of the throw which could help with stability. A yo-yo as big as the H5 or H5xChief probably isn’t something you could just throw things all over the place and expect it to come out smooth. I think most yo-yo designs have a lot of thought put into them with lots of testing to find out which design elements will achieve the kind of play the manufacturer is looking for. It seems that if something was merely thrown on as a gimmick, most would see through the scheme. As far as the quad fist, that would let you control the responsiveness of the anti-yo to suit your style of play, which could appeal to a larger market of people who like dead unresponsive, slightly responsive and others. There has to be reasons behind these design elements, and seeing as how there are names for types of finishes, colour-ways, yo-yo’s, bearing types, string formats etc. it seems only fitting to name certain design elements that make a yo-yo unique.

(Jerrod) #5


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Cool yoyo, i’m excited for the release of the CLYW ano’d versions, though the C3 ano was fun as well. That beast with a Hulk Smash or 28 Stories ano would be amazing. Gotta laugh at the H5xChief basically having nothing to do with CLYW other than them doing a bit of box art and design for the engraving, but the hype of the CLYW name still selling them out almost instantly. If C3 had just released that exact yoyo without the CLYW name on it, which of course they could have since they did the manufacturing and design and there’s nothing requiring them to ask permission to use the double rim, they would have barely sold. Kinda sad.


Its a great yoyo! HUGE though. I’ve never had a yoyo so stable. And its suuupersmooth.


Hey, now… I really really like silicone on the inside and o-rings on the outside of my DRI-YWET for 5A. Not worthless, definitely provides a different feel and more response options.


One might also applaud C3 for doing a collab rather than just copying CLYW’s innovations. Nothing wrong with building on the innovation of other companies, but it shows a certain amount of respect that C3 decided to do it this way.