I have a Mint Pyro with original tube and I want it GONE!


I have a Pyro that appears to be mint (no marks that I can see AT ALL)
Comes with original tube with matching number (832)
the instructions
And a kk (can come with Original bearing if needed)

I would love a Large Dia Yoyofactorys and or anything else large dia
2010 Severe
Primo (maybe)
Anything else really, Just offer.

Im not picky about condition, but I would greatly prefer it be vibe free.

Email me at mattdrumdude@gmail.com




i will give you the mint superstar wavelegnth with extra hubstacks for the pyro

(Henry Perez) #3

ill give you an mvp with no dings


i will give you a dv888 (purple) mint condition, large bearing

(yoyo jake) #6

wow yet again another old topic necro post

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

Dude, I posted on one saying it was old just PM him next time and Mi got all mad. Well anyway yeah, guys check the dates, don’t post if it is a month old and thats even pushing it. Just PM saying hey, is ______ still for sale?

(system) #8